Timby's an enigma. He's constantly surprising me by being more complex than he seems like he should be. He's like a well-designed website. Unbelieveably complex on the inside, but simple on the outside. So he's easy to get along with, but he keeps your interest and keeps drawing you deeper.
Timby's also one of the most laid-back people I've ever met. It's like you can't phase him. I've seen him in a few very uncomfortable situations, and he doesn't even seem to bat an eyelash. He's also pretty damned dependable.
All in All- Timby's the coolest bunny rabbit I've ever met.


Tim is a large human that vaguely resembles Frankenstein's Monster. Especially if he had tried to cut his own hair with his fingers taped together. His choice clothing generally consists of a few shirts that nobody else wanted at the Good Will, or an obscure attempt at fashion chosen by the blind. He has showered before, but generally tries to avoid it for some reason. Although Tim is allegedly intelligent, he generally carries around a grin that states, "What the hell is going on?" Or, he's crying about rejection.