09-17-02 01:40It's been a long time, baby. A new life is upon me, done with school, started into the working real world. New city, new job, new place, new friends, new life, new stress. Add lyrics (Taken For Granted)
12-06-01 14:24Updated a poem (I Guess I Didn't Know)
09-24-01 00:25Added two new songs (Live For Me and Living Waves) and some unfinished lyrics (Two Shots) in "Products." I also removed the realmedia versions of the other songs cause I don't want to take up space for a format I don't like. I also realized that I forgot to change the date in the last entry, so now it's my best guess
08-15-01?Added new lyrics (When You Smile) in "Products." This is a song I promised to write for Cassie a long time ago, and just did. Rock and fuckin' roll!
07-29-01 23:24Added new lyrics (Wooden Legs) in "Products." I wrote this while riding in the bed of my friend's truck coming back to Portland from Eugene today. My left leg is in a giant brace because I hurt my knee in that shark attack last weekend.
07-05-01 14:35Added new lyrics (Cathos) in "Products."
07-03-01 12:04Lots of things today. Figured out melodies for a bunch of Poems and moved them to the Lyrics section in "Products". (Specifically: Counting Blessings, Fear, Homeward Bound, Yes) Finished (for now) Gone and added to Troubled Times, which was formerly hidden on account of major incompleteness. Now it is only minorly incomplete. Yesterday was my birthday, yay for me! Now I'm really a real person.
06-16-01 04:57Added a poem (Man Tank) in "Products." Story server is ready, but I'm not. I've got summer playing to worry about.
04-19-01 19:15Added a entry in "Testimonials." Apparently, I lied in the last entry about getting back into it -- cause, I didn't. Maybe now I will, but don't count on anything. The story server may be going up before this summer.
11-13-00 14:29Moved to new webspace at timbojones.net. Try to use this address rather than any of the other previous ones. Removed earlier note about the correct url to use cause it's now wrong. Removed some swearing on this page. It's been a long time, but I'm getting back in it. Stay tuned for some exciting new features.
06-29-00 23:00Fixed everything cause my school's webspace blows for doing any kind of web development more advanced than pure HTML.
04-18-00 15:00Added lyrics (Maturity) in "Products." Updated lyrics (More Than You Know), also in "Products."
04-03-00 16:15Finished Echoes (in "Products")
04-01-00 18:00Added section "Testimonials." Only one exists currently; expecting more later.
Renamed all files to .shtml in anticipation of eventual server move.
03-30-00 20:00Updated layout -- Corporate Takeover
03-26-00 22:05Fixed titles all over the site. Yeah, shut up. I know it's a small change; I don't care. Just making it seem like I care about my site.
03-12-00 13:35Added a picture (Sho) to "Products."
03-05-00 23:50Added a picture (Rose) to "Products."
03-04-00 23:00Added the image to the front page
03-04-00 22:23Added a poem (Cacophony) in "Products."
02-27-00 23:13Added MP3 versions of songs in "Products."
02-18-00 18:30Updated layout -- Ghost
02-16-00 00:30Added two RealAudio songs in "Products"
02-15-00 17:24Added a poem (Apart) in "Products"
01-21-00 23:45Reorganized "Products" section to include Lyrics. Added four lyrics documents; updated Once and moved it to Lyrics.
01-21-00 23:00Implemented "Updates" section.
before 01-20-00Did stuff; started site, organized, HTMLized, all that stuff. Didn't keep track of changes - very sad times, indeed.