And Sometimes Why

I need you, but I've gone away.
Tomorrow brings a new cliche.
I'll still hold on to yesterday.
It's such a spiteful word to say.
I need you, but you've gone away.
I don't believe in yesterday.
A landscape cluttered with debris.
I know we have a guarantee.
It can't be just my memory.
My mind is filled with soiled debris.
I thought we had a guarantee.
It must be just my memory.
Say goodbye.
Just don't expect me to reply.
Don't ask me, I refuse to try.
I will not let this be goodbye.
Say goodbye.
I won't hear your pathetic sigh.
Before you try to ask me why,
Just settle back and say goodbye.
I don't know.
The time seems to go by so slow.
It still seems like an hour ago.
When did I leave, I just don't know.
I don't know.
It still seems like so long ago.
Maybe it's time to let life flow.
Don't ask me how, I just don't know.
I love you.
The words I always did pursue.
And now I know I always knew.
That I love life and I love you.
I love you.
I guess it's always been taboo.
Or maybe words I just outgrew.
I never said that I love you.