Living in a brickyard
I'm a man of hard faith
avoiding taxes
I know what I'm doing

I know what goes on

Oh God
I must go on living
Grab a suitcase
Go out the door

What is wrong?
Yeah, what is wrong?

What is wrong with my face?
What is wrong with my life?
Take the tape out
Throw it down

Just throw it out

Touch me
Just don't touch my nice hair
Chaos in a bottle
With headphones on

Turn up the bass
Put down the knife

Turn back
Don't you dare stop crying
We're a half glass
We'll touch the moon

You've got a key

Take your penlight
Shine it in the dark sky
I can see a star house
But no-one's home

No, no-one's home
They're on the floor


Inspired by Radiohead's "National Anthem"