Counting Blessings

I roll down the highway
   I'm headed home at last
I think of what lies ahead of me
   I remember what's gone past
I count my blessings like they were sheep
   As I slowly drift towards sleep

The girl with the chestnut hair
   She taught me bliss without rhyme
The girl I gave my life to for a while
   She made me laugh and cry at the same time
And the one who left when I was a king
   Turns out she did the perfect thing

My liege lord, as I thought at one time
   My best friend is haunted by love's eyes
Another one watches for love from afar
   Quietly betraying more depth than his size
I think of the impossible dream
   Nothing's impossible, as I've seen

I grew up lonely, learning
   My lessons were subtle and many
Because I knew you could give to me
   I didn't need to take any
As the roads one by one are passed
   I know I'm headed home at last