Dear Sister,

I am writing this letter to apologize to you. I do not know if you will understand or appreciate it, but I feel that I must do this.

For the longest time, perhaps all my life, I have compared myself to you. I looked at the great things I have been given, which you were denied. And for this, I was ashamed of myself and sorry for you. This is my sin. I have come to realize that most of the things I have taken for granted for my entire life, are false. I have no reason to feel sorry for myself. I have no reason to feel sorry for you.

I looked at you and saw wasted potential, a life lost. I looked at myself and saw undeserved graces. I have done you and I both a great disservice. I realize now your importance. I am no better than you, and no worse. You are a person, and have worth and can offer something to people around you. And you do; you give happiness, love, education.

I have witnessed first hand the horrors that life is capable of -- the torture, the ignorance, the ultimate sin. I have watched a child that life has extinguished. I have every reason to hate life, because everything I love was taken away from you. And I have watched you laugh. In that laugh lies the extreme wonder of life. Though I once thought that you have lost everything, still, in every moment, you live. Live and breathe and laugh. For that, I know that life is a wonderful place. For that, I am happy. Because I know that no matter what life throws, no matter what it points toward, you can laugh. I have no fear, for I have heard the laugh of life.

I know that you may not understand the words of this letter, but I think you can understand the message. I love you, sister. You showed me the wonder of life, the wonder of people, and the wonder of myself. From you, I know what my life means. I dedicate myself to you, dearest sister.