You met a girl with deep blue eyes
Now you both say it is love
Whenever you are not together
It's you she's thinking of
     You look in her eyes
     Run your hand up her thighs
     She holds you in her arms
Her embrace could melt the ice
And her kiss could light the sky
And she shouts your name
Across the hills
And then you hear the echoes

She's spending time with other guys
And you don't like that at all
You scream why does she stay out so late
Should be in your arms at nightfall
     She walks in the door
     And you call her a whore
     She begins to pack her things
"I'm sorry; please baby, stay"
But there's nothing more you can say
And she slams the door
As she leaves
And then you hear the echoes

Now all you can do is think
How she used to be yours
The air is chill and bitter now
When you step out of doors
     The people you meet
     When you walk down the street
     See the pain that's in your eyes
You gotta put her out of your mind
"Come off the bridge, you'll be fine."
And the wind blows hard
In your ears
And then you hear the echoes

You met a girl with pale green eyes
And then you hear the echoes