You want to look upon the face of god? Look in the mirror. Look out the window. Look up at the night sky. Talk to a true friend, then spend some time with your family. Look at the sheer walls of the Grand Canyon, and the gentle movements of the ocean. Look at the pictures our technology has taken of the galaxy, of the universe. Look at our technology. Climb a tree and look at its intricacies; at its splendor. Look upon any and all of these things, and you look upon the face of god.

I do not worship the Christian God. I do not worship the Christian Satan. I do not worship the moon or the sun. I do not follow the teachings of Buddha or of Confucius. I do not worship nature. I do not worship technology. I do not worship myself. I do not worship anything, because to choose one leader to follow or one deity to worship is to ignore the rest, and they are equally important, equally unimportant. I do not worship anything, but I love and respect everything. Everything that exists, everything that man has experienced, imagined, or forgotten. Some may call me an atheist or a heretic, but that is ridiculous. Everything you believe is valid, as well as everything you have stopped believing in, and everything you may decide to believe in the future. The trouble comes when people forget this, preferring to think that their way is the only way.

For centuries, man has tried to find meaning in his existence, purpose in his life. He has tried too hard. You want to know the meaning of life? The question has been asked many times. I know the meaning of life. There may or may not be some greater purpose that life is working towards. There may or may not be a beginning or an end. But that does not matter. The meaning of life is, simply, life. As long as creatures roam the land and sea, as long as plants grow and bacteria wiggle, as long as water evaporates and precipitates, as long as volcanoes spew forth rocks and they slowly erode away, as long as the moon circles the earth and the earth circles the sun, and as long as existence exists, there you have the meaning of life. Rather than worry and debate about what lies across the veil of death, spend some time living. You're much more worthwhile here than you are there.