Flow the Bridge

Everyone has done it
We cross the same bridge
Again and again
As the river rushes under

Some see the lunacy
They choose a side,
And stay, safe, and bored.
As the water flows

Not me. I cross
Stand in the middle
The traffic rushes past
The water rushes too

I stop there
Look around at the mob
Bustling to Get There
They don't see the flow below

I relish my time on the bridge
Stand on the edge
Arms to the heavens, and jump
Toward the current

The rushing air
Wraps me in her arms
I can Feel
I await the rush

And I am There
In the midst of the rushing water
Embracing its icy heat
It flows around and through me

I watch the stream
As it sweeps my feet from under me;
I know.
No one crosses the same water twice.